Amethyst Druzy

Amethyst is said to increase your intuition, and sharpen your psychic skills. Working with and developing your third eye. It is a great meditation crystal. Having a lovely calming energy, that can help with relaxation, and sleep. it is also said to assist with healing alcoholism, compulsive behaviour, and addictions of all kinds. A great pain reliever especially helpful for headache/migraine sufferers.

** Prices subject to change, as stock is continually updated, and price dependent on size of ball and weight. **

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Rose Quartz

Rose quartz has a beautiful gentle energy. Known as the Love and Romance ball. It connects to our heart chakra. Removing blocks, that prevent us from truly loving and being loved. Opening us up to the possibilities of pure love at its highest level. Teaching us firstly to love and honor ourselves. Then raising our vibration to attract true and lasting love into our lives. SIZE APPROX 50mm