Blue Calcite

All calcite is a cleanser, and absorbs negative energy from the home. It is also a stone of motivation, and a great energizer. Connects us to Archangel Michael, a lovely soothing stone. Great for meditation, soothing nerves, and lifting anxiety. Works well with anyone with thyroid problems. Releases negative emotions, promotes clear concise communication, and speaking ones truth. It is also good for Children with Autism, protecting children who are overly energy sensitive. Promoting calm and bringing back stability. SIZE APPROX 70-80mm Large.

** Prices subject to change, as stock is continually updated, and price dependent on size of ball and weight. **

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Septarian Crystal Ball

Having a septarian crystal ball in the home transmutes negative energy. It is a good grounding stone. Heals the kidneys, detoxifies and cleanses the blood. It is also a bringer of joy, promoting a sense of exuberance for life. Ex Large 90mm approx

Labradorite Crystal Ball

Labradorite is one of the most protective crystals you will ever use. It forms a barrier to any negativity, and forms a protective shield around anybody holding it. Sometimes known as the Witches stone, it is superb for third eye development, and psychic protection. Simply placing a large boulder or ball in a central location in the house, can protect the whole home. SIZE APPROX EXTRA LARGE 120MM

Smoky Quartz Crystal

Smoky quartz is a superb grounding crystal, ridding the body of anxiety and depression. Calming and relaxing us at the same time. Getting rid of tension in the neck, back and shoulders. It stops us feeling overwhelmed. An excellent crystal for anyone with heightened sensitivity, ie empaths, psychics etc. Smoky quartz dissolves negative energy and thought patterns that cause disease. It is the perfect stone for anyone undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. SIZE APPROX 70mm-80mm