Chakra Pendulum

When using a Pendulum the term is called dowsing. This is one of the most common forms of divination. And has been around for centuries. pendulums are simple to use and practically anyone with a little practice can learn to use them. When we dowse we are connecting with universal energy, and our higher selves. Simply tuning in to our intuitive powers.

How to use your Pendulum

Firstly we need to cleanse the pendulum, and spend a few moments holding it in our hands, simply strengthening our connection to it. Then holding it out in front of us. We ask the pendulum to "please show me YES". The pendulum will start to rotate. Whichever direction it goes be it clock wise, anti clock wise, or simply back and forth is your yes. We then ask the pendulum to "please show me NO". again it starts to move , this time in a different direction. this is now your no.

Once we have our yes and no directions. We can then start to ask questions. One of the most common questions ever asked is the sex of an unborn baby. This used to be asked with a piece of string and a wedding ring, dangling over the stomach of an expectant mother. Though the list is endless in the search for answers to our most secret thoughts and questions.

Happy Dowsing!!!!