Labradorite boulders

Labradorite boulders or spheres are probably in my opinion the best crystal to have around your home. It is one of the most powerfully protective stones you will ever need. having a large piece in either a central location in your home. ie: the living room, or by your front door, creates a barrier to any negative energy. It creates a psychic shield, protecting from any unwanted energy, be that physically or energetically. Simply a must have for any home!
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Carnelian Crystal Ball

Carnelian is a very creative stone, very much a females crystal. Good for business success for women. Wealth and abundance, a must have stone for all you self employed women. Resonates well with actors and writers particularly. As with all crystals it is a multi tasker. It's a fertility stone, assisting with female related problems including poly cystic ovaries, pmt, or any gynaecological issues. It is associated with the sacral chakra, assisting healing of the kidneys, gall stones, or urinary problems. Also a good energiser. Approx size .70mm.