Optical Calcite Crystal Ball

All calcite is a cleanser, and absorbs negative energy from the home. It is also a stone of motivation, and a great energizer. Helps us to see things clearly, whether that be literally improving our vision, or helping us to see the situation as it really is. Removing the blinkers so to speak.
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Clear Quartz Crystal

This is the ultimate Make a wish ball!

Clear quartz is the ball for making our hopes and dreams a reality. Think clarity, focus, then manifestation. Firstly it begins by clearing the crown chakra, enabling us to think clearly, with clarity. This in turn helps us to focus. Focus on our dreams and intentions. It then goes about manifesting those dreams. Remember our thoughts create our own reality, and clear quartz is an amplifier! As you hold and work with your crystal remember, the more you can visualize, the faster it manifests into reality. SIZE APPROX 60mm